Month: July 2013

Charity auction at all proceeds will go to the families of the fallen Prescott-area hotshots.

donateforthecauseAll proceeds will go to the families of the fallen Prescott-area hotshots.

This is a charity auction fundraiser to benefit the families of nineteen fallen Prescott Arizona firefighters who perished in the line of duty on June 30. 100% of the fallenfirefighter auction sales will be donated to this charity. The auctions listed are donations! The sellers also have donated the shipping fees. If you have questions about the following auctions call 800-900-2828. You can also donate your own items to this charity auction!

Classic_Chloe is store of the month at

classicChloeClassic_Chloe is store of the month at
Classic_Chloe sells a variety of items check out her listings! 🙂
Everything Else
Fraternal Items
Furniture, Appliances, & Fans
Glass – Depression
Historical Memorabilia
Holiday, Seasonal
Home & Garden
Jewelry & Watches
Jewelry & Watches
Kitchen Collectibles
Pottery & Glass
Pottery & Glass
Toys & Hobbies
Vanity Items
Worlds Fair
And yes that is President Bill Clinton!

Team OLA !

You can pay monthly $8.00. You do not have to pay the $96.00 up front for the whole year. For the $8.00 a month you can list up to 8,000 items, no other listing fees, no final value fees and no relisting fees and you can click on auto relist and if it does not sell you have to do nothing as it auto relist. The only way you will spend more money is if you want to feature an item.

I hope you decide to join us and I welcome you to OLA. I love it here after 11 yrs on ebay this is very refreshing to be able to keep every penny you earn and have so many people in the chat section to help others if they have a problem or need instructions on anything. No selfish sellers here as they want us all to succeed.

If you have anyother question call 1-800-900-2828 and if you get the leave a message be sure to leave your phone number and someone will get back to you more than likely the same day depending on where you live and their hours. seller Chatey Cathey

Home, Home on the Range! Secluded, 49-acre horse farm located in the Saginaw V

Secluded, 49-acre horse farm located in the Saginaw Valley
Near Federal & State Game Reserves, just 1 mile from the Tittabawasee River, reputed to have the best Walleye fishing in America. Acres of outstanding private deer, turkey, geese and small game hunting. Includes blind, private pond stocked with Large Mouth Bass. Forty acres, fenced, rich, tiled, land used for truck farming. Private 600 foot, tree lined limited access drive supports privacy, all located on old coal mining property. Grand fathered in a commercial zoned area. This property features endless possibilities like a Bed & Breakfast, Dude Ranch, Hunting Camp, Hideaway, or Private living.

Customized Harley Davidson Motorcycle

customizedharleyOnlineAuction.comBuild in 1991 customized over years still a strong daily runner, perfect for any long haul and any harley enthusiast who likes to be seen different, loves trees, nature and small critters on his ride. Powder coated and airbrushed in places were you normally only see black, chrome or glitter. Lots of spare parts to change even more. If you like to win awards this is your ride! You will need a few more dollars to bike this different…

sold! 1883-S US Morgan Silver Dollar UNC Blowout Special!
1883-S US Morgan Silver Dollar UNC! So IF I start this at a Quarter do you think anyone will bid on it? yes if no one bids I will give it away for nothing! Buyers, we will send you an invoice once a week, usually on Fridays, giving combined S&H savings. At that time, we expect you to issue payment for that week’s items. We will begin a new batch for the next week. If you want an invoice sooner than that, please O-mail and we’ll get one out to you that day. About us: We are a 15 year veteran of online auctions with over 39000 positive feedback on the other auction site. You can bid with confidence that we will handle your order promptly and professionally. We are pleased to be able to offer cheaper shipping options here on$sold $167.87
Gusfirefly seller of the year currently 22184 feedback!
Type gusfirefly in the search bar on !! 🙂

a 4 course dinner at the Chef table at 4 pm following a 2 hour bicycle ride through Buckhead

Antica Postaonlineauction.comAntica Posta
Antica Posta has been consistently rated as one of the top Italian restaurants in Atlanta since its opening. Henry Winkler – yes, the Fonz! – calls it perhaps the best on the East Coast. In addition to excellent and authentic Tuscan cuisine, the good people at Antica Posta are also great supporters of cycling in Atlanta and Atlanta Streets Alive.

To show their support, they are offering a 4 course dinner at the Chef table at 4 pm following a 2 hour bicycle ride through Buckhead with Marco (a $120 value). What could be better than good company, a good bike ride, great food… with proceeds going to the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition for Atlanta Streets Alive.

This spectacular event is open to ten people.

This is a Dutch Auction, which means you enter the number of tickets you would like to bid on and the maximum price you are willing to pay PER TICKET. So if you want to pay $250 per ticket, put $250 and then the number of tickets, NOT the total amount. Winners are determined by the top bids. Price is determined by the lowest successful bid. It sounds a little confusing but it’s the only way to do this type of auction. You will not see your bid or other people’s maximum bids. Don’t worry. If the price ends up being lower than your bid, you can always donate! Don’t worry that your bid amount doesn’t show up. That’s how this works. Email with any questions.

So please, join us for this event, and join us September 8 on Peachtree for Atlanta Streets Alive.

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