Month: November 2010

I have the answering 8-ball on my desk!


To do List!

Genuine Vecceli Italy Silk Scarf

Genuine Vecceli Italy Silk Scarf SF-102 (NEW) Long Silk Scarf diminsion (13.5″ X 70″)

Creepy Crawlers? for Christmas

My gramma bought me this for Christmas when I was seven.  I thought it was just the coolest thing ever.  I thought mine made butterflies too ~ hmm not sure anyways it was lots of fun!

Grammas are the greatest aren’t they!@

P.S just a tad bit dangerous!

Welcome to Korn Kountry Treasures . . .


Happy Holloween ppl\'s Pictures, Images and Photos

Welcome to Korn Kountry Treasures . . .

an online store that contains both old and new items!

Our hobby is finding treasures to sell! We ENJOY finding the unusual

and sometimes even the ridiculous!

We can’t keep it all, so we’ve decided this is the best of both worlds!!

Come browse through our store! You will be glad you did!

Thank you!

I Love Lucy!

Watched I Love Lucy all weekend!  My dad would never let me watch her when I was a kid…… haha but I can watch her now!

Watched John Wayne too… gotta mix it up a bit!

Seller letsplaytagsales has generated 454 feedback in just a few months!

Seller: letsplaytagsales (454) Founding Member

This is a vintage enamel little dish colorful!!! It measures 4 1/2 in!!!I cant make out what it says on the back. No reserve.
Great Job!
P.S the enamel dish Hand painted in Austria  …. I have one just like it!  VF
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