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Next, since you have the buyer’s attention this far,

A way to list on OLA
Everyone has their own view on the proper ways to list on the internet. Although part of it depends on the website itself, this is the best way I found that works for me at
First, I try to take as many pictures of the item(s) as possible, from several angles – even the back, then choose which ones to use on the listing as pictures are considered as part of the description. Use as much of the title space as possible with searchable key words and stay within the 72 characters limit for proper search engine optimization (SEO). Proper seo reads left to right, so take as many of the key words from the title that can fit in the 50 characters limit on the subtitle, keeping them in the same order as the title.
Next, since the search engines like to find repeated key words on a page, take the title and put it on the first line of the description box. I like to keep things neat and simple, at the same time making the description attractive and easy to read. By thinking to myself “what would the buyer want to know about my item?”, I continue to describe the item’s details including everything possible such as age, manufacturer, size, colors, dimensions, weight, flaws or damage, missing parts, etc. If you find later you forgot to add something, no problem because it is easy to go back and edit or revise your listing!
One thing that is important to buyers is how much the shipping is going to cost them. Unless it is specified the shipping is free, a buyer cannot ‘guess’ how much more the purchase is going to cost them before they actually buy it. Do you want them to contact you on the shipping cost? To be honest, you may lose a sale as some buy on impulse and wouldn’t wait for an answer. So it is best to quote your shipping charge right there in the listing. I put it in the description along with OLA’s feature of a shipping section which includes several options. Also, if the item has some weight to it but the buyer doesn’t realize that (remember they cannot ‘hold’ it to know), the shipping cost may seem high to them. It would be a good idea to state the weight of the package for validation on why you are charging so much. Mention combined purchases get a discount on shipping costs, if you offer that service.
Next, since you have the buyer’s attention this far, you want them to stay in your store and shop! Give them an invitation to see your other items and include a direct link to your store. This is called a backlink and search engines like Google do track pages with backlinks for ranking. Your goal is to be high in the search rankings, preferably on page 1 if possible.
Smile as you list! That will reflect on how your buyer feels about shopping in your store! Be friendly and personal if you are comfortable with that. And most of all, have fun! It’s worth the rewards of repeat buyers and many sales.

UFO office Ep. 4 –

Remember this? Cute video! 🙂



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