Mello Yello Up for Bid!


Up for bid! This is the real deal ladies and gentlemen! Famous 1988 Chevy Lumina Nascar #51 “Mello Yello” Used in the movie Days of Thunder! This car was driven by Tom Cruise in the high point of the movie where Tom Cruise performs a last lap pass to cross the finish line first, and win the Daytona 500! The car runs and drives and sounds like a nascar! The car has a Built 350 V-8 with Dry Sump oil pump, Victor intake manifold, Holley carb, Tuned step headers, HEI ignition, Aluminum race radiator; I believe it to be a Hendricks motor sports chassis with adjustable suspension, 4 wheel disk brakes, 9” rear end, 3 speeds manual. The car has been in Museums most of its life, until I purchased from another private collector. I do have documentation on the car. The car also comes with 2 Jump suits used in the movie. Also has an air tank that was given with the car labeled #51 painted to match the car. This is a car that does not come across the auction block often, and most likely you won’t see it up for sale in years to come. The last Mellow Yellow Race Car that came up on the auction block a couple years ago was also used in the movie not playing as big of a part had a hefty price tag of $250,000 My price is much more reasonable. This Mello Yello race car is marked #51 and does have Cole Trickle’s name across both sides of the roof. This car has been used, and not lightly in the movie and it shows. The body is bruised up and does have damage which was necessary in filming the movie. In the cockpit of the car there is a label that says ‘” Tire Water Spray” that no longer has the equipment but was used in the film for burnouts, and to get the car sideways easier. This is a car that is well known and everyone remembers! The film was a film that inspired lots of people and was a turning point in the world of NASCAR. If you’re a museum owner it would be a great car to add to your collection people will pay to see this car! Or if you’re just a collector like me you won’t regret the bragging rights! I also have some cool memorabilia and newspaper articles and a cd/dvd of behind the scenes of making the movie. This car is being sold as-is no warranty. I prefer wire transfers or cashier checks verified by your bank. Mello Yello car has a recent appraised value of $300k the CEO of OnlineAuction.com is personally handling the sale starting bid price is only $140,000 no reserve   http://www.onlineauction.com/auction/2079403/Mello-Yello-Nascar-Used-in-the-movie-DAYS-OF-THUNDER!

“WeGoLook” at OnlineAuction Items When You Can’t!

–OnlineAuction.com partners with WeGoLook to offer its customers security and peace-of-mind. OnlineAuction (OLA) customers now have another reason to choose OLA as their primary online auction site over all others. Why? OLA has teamed up with WeGoLook which enables their auction and fixed price customers to locally dispatch over 7,000 nationwide “Lookers” across America to verify auction items, autos and properties in person. OLA customers are better informed, avoid costly surprises and don’t become victims of fraud or misrepresentation.

OnlineAuction customers can now receive an onsite personalized report which includes current photos, video, taking measurements, verification of VIN, serial numbers, markings, observing a working demonstration and more. A “Looker” (background check verified) can even deliver the item to a shipper in order to avoid bait-and-switch fraud or arrange transport for larger items such as furniture, autos and boats.

OLA and WeGoLook believe it is important to arm online consumers with as much information and protection as possible. As technology advances, fraudsters and scammers are becoming more advanced as well. It is becoming increasingly difficult to identify scams unless on site verification by a real person takes place. OnlineAuction is the first auction site to offer the WeGoLook platform of nationwide Lookers as the news reports numerous eBay and craigslist scams each day. OLA is committed to making sure their customers do not fall into the same categories.

Currently there is almost one half billion dollars in active item reserves on OnlineAuction and each item can be verified in person by WeGoLook with their onsite verification report. There is no need to spend hours disputing misrepresented, fraudulent or broken item transactions. Auction consumers now have a “Pair-of-Eyes” and feet anywhere in the United States and Puerto Rico when utilizing the WeGoLook services with OLA.

No other online auction site is providing the security and peace-of-mind that OLA is providing their customers. On-site verification reports from WeGoLook begin at only forty-nine dollars. “WeGoLook” at OnlineAuction Items When You Can’t!

About WeGoLook
WeGoLook provides visual confirmation and a personalized report, completed by a real person, to verify a product, person, place or thing. WeGoLook.com has over 7,000 nationwide “Lookers” (background check verified). The inspectors will travel anywhere in the USA to inspect the product/service/place or thing onsite. WeGoLook customers are better informed, avoid costly surprises, plus benefit from unbiased confirmation without having to travel.

The Savvy Shopper OnlineAuction.com

robertOnlineAuction.comThe Savvy Shopper by Robert Robinson

So you have found an item on the auction site that you would really like to have. . . What now? Do I place a bid on it and hope for the best, or should I just assume it is a rip off and forget it? I would really like to have this item, so what can I do to protect myself if I decide to bid?
Here are a few pointers to help you decide.
• Check the seller’s feedback score. Sellers with high positive feedback scores are usually very dependable, and can be counted on to conduct an honest transaction. To check a member’s feedback score, click on the number in parentheses behind the member’s “username”. If you would like to see a detailed report of the actual feedbacks that have been left for this member, click on the “View All” button.
• If you have any Questions about the item you are interested in, ask before you bid. Once you bid, you are then obligated to follow through with the auction, unless you are out-bid by another member before the auction ends. Click on the “Information” icon located under the “Item Details” box on the auction page. This will bring you to a message box where you can ask the seller your question.
• If you are not an expert on the item you are thinking about bidding on, do some research to familiarize yourself with the item. A Google search would be a good place to start.
• Read the description of the auction carefully before you bid. Make sure you know exactly what it is you are bidding on. If the title of the auction says the item is “Gold”, then somewhere in the description it should tell you if it is 14 karats, or 10 karats, or perhaps gold plated, or gold filled, or maybe even “gold-tone”. If you are bidding on a high ticket item, or an antique, It is always good to ask: Is this an authentic item, or is it a replica? Is this a new item, or used; and if it is used, how old is it?
• Be sure and check the seller’s shipping and handling policies. You can do this by clicking on the “Shipping Policy” tab on the auction page. Shipping and handling charges can vary greatly from one seller to the next. If these charges are not explained here, this would be a good question to ask before you bid.
• It is always a good idea to pay the extra money for insurance and tracking information. Then, if there is a problem, you are covered by the insurance, and you can also track the shipping progress on-line.
• Check the forms of payment a seller will accept by clicking on the “Payment Options” tab on the auction page. Paying by credit card is usually a good option, because if there is a problem when the item arrives, you will normally have the option of requesting a “charge back” from your credit card company. On the other hand, if you would like to pay in a way that is not listed, be sure to ask if that is acceptable before you bid. In any event, if a seller agrees to accept your check, they will probably not ship the item until the check clears their bank, which can be as long as two weeks in some cases.
• When the auction ends, the auction winner will receive an “End of auction E-mail” that will include the Seller’s verified address, and E-mail address. At that time the winning bidder should contact the seller within three days, or as soon as possible, using the included e-mail address to make arrangements for payment. Or, you may contact the seller by O-mail.
• O-mail—your personal “Direct Mail Box”. We recommend that you use O-mail in any contact you have with other OnlineAuction.com members because O-mail goes directly from member to member, and there is no danger of O-mail messages being deleted as junk mail, or otherwise filtered.
• Wait until you have received the item and are happy with the transaction before you leave feedback. If for some reason you, or the seller has left negative feedback, and the auction has since been successfully resolved. Our feedback system allows either of you, or both, if necessary, to go in and edit previously posted feedback.
These are only a few of the common sense things to keep in mind when shopping on an Internet auction site. Although most online auctions are completed in a timely and satisfactory way, there is always the possibility that once in a while, one or two may go astray.

A seller who sells many items everyday on OnlineAuction.com

Wow Gusfirefly has 22,674 feedback now!! Awesome!!

WowGusfireflyOnlineAuction.com-002Wow Gusfirefly has 22,674 feedback now!! Awesome!!

OnlineAuction.com has organized a group effort to raise funds to benefit the families of the firefighters who were lost in Prescott, AZ.

CharOnlineAuction.com has organized a group effort to raise funds to benefit the families of the firefighters who were lost in Prescott, AZ not long ago. Sellers from all across the country have donated various types of items to be put up for bid. From jewelry and collectibles, to top-brand name purses and golf clubs. This check represents the monies brought in thus far at the charity event and charity auction. Thank you so much for participating! Way to go team OLA! — with Chris Fain and Tommee Ranger.


A benefit car show was held to help the families of the 19 elite "Granite Mountain Hot-Shot" Firefighter crew members who were killed fighting the Yarnell Fire. This event continues you can show your support by going to OnlineAuction.com and bidding on the items donated!!! thanks so much! Great video from the Scottsdale International Auto Museum, 100% of all monies raised are for the firefighters families!

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