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About OLA.
About was started in 1998 with Chris Fain’s dream and has grown to tens of thousands of members today. It is one of the few true auction sites site still active that offers true bidding, meaning that if a bid is placed within the last few seconds the auction continues until bidding stops. Just like auction house bidding!
Standing the test of time through its dedicated members, will soon be a household name! The members are what make the auction site fun and profitable. Find helpful information throughout the chat forum posted by the members and if there is a question, someone promptly helps you. The camaraderie cannot be found on any other auction site. Members help each other and when one succeeds, the whole site succeeds.
You are welcome to join the growing family as a seller and a buyer. It is a membership only site so no worries about hidden fees for sellers and buyers join for free.
We would love to have you in our family! Won’t you join us?

Let Me Count the Whys I Love

Here are just few of the reasons I love Fees are low, listing is easy, there are no final value fees and I am my own boss. If that isn’t enough, here are a few more reasons. The chats are a friendly place and have the most wonderful, caring people helping each other and OLA out. Members as well as OLA staff and even the owners of the site get involved in the chats, and the owners really care about their members. I don’t know any other selling site I can say all these things about and more. Thank you OLA.
Get Registered!
Don’t miss out!!

If you like bargains and great sellers, you really MUST register on! We have some great auctions, ready to bid on; BUT you need to be registered first!! Be proactive so that you don’t miss out!! It’s fast and free!! Come join us!! And if you wish to sell, you can always sign up for that, too!! We’d love to have you!! Kornkountrytreasures
Join the OLA team!
Less Stress!! is a great place to sell!! No final value fees, no listing fees, just one simple price. Pay yearly or monthly and you are done! No more worrying if your profit margin is enough after the fees get taken out!! There ARE none!! Fun, friendly, supportive people!! Come join us!!
_________________ kornkountrytreasures

Well we all like to be called by our name, whether it be our online name or our real name.. I know I like being treated like a person, and this is the place that this does happen.. You are treated like a person and that you are valuable to this auction site.. The owners and support personnel are your friends and treat you as such..

Why buy and sell where there is no human interaction with your buyers or your sellers? I know one site for sure that it makes you feel like a robot as there is never human contact with anyone..

On your peers respect you and help you. Where else does this happen? I love my peers, they are so pleasant and helpful..

Come shop or sell at OLA, the best site around.. Goldi

What brought me to OLA?

The Search Was On.

What brought me to Back in early 2008, among other things, I was looking for a site with lower fees and, while I understand certain selling restrictions are needed, I was looking for more reasonable selling restrictions. Here at, OLA for short, I found both of those things in spades, so, here I am. The fees are so much lower here and, the restrictions make sense and are not just arbitrary. I found so much more at OLA than I was looking for.

I’ve made much of my living buying and selling from auctions for over 20 years. I was in the mist of re-searching online auctions for an article I’m writing, when I came across Online Auction dot com. I was fed up with high fees. Reviewing in depth many auction sites, this is some of what I found. Of those that gave you the option to sell your items, most had rules of limitations. Some only allow you to sell new items, arts & crafts or only antiques. On one if you list USED clothing – ALL YOUR AUCTIONS WERE DELETED. Some rules as to inventory, storage of your product, and even the minimum price you had to charge. I even found some sites not located in the USA. With these there was a 20% VAT tax that went through their site in addition to the listing and final value fees. With Online Auction dot com, or, I pay one flat fee. I can have 8000 items listed, no extra fees, unless I do a feature auction or add more then 4 photos. It don’t matter if I sell a $2,000.00 car, or a $3.00 book, no sale percentage is charged.
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Why Do I Consider My Online Home?

Whether you are a buyer, a seller, or both, if you haven’t registered at yet, I am here to try to convince you. What are some of the advantages of registering at OLA? As an OLA seller, the fees do not eat up your profit, and as a buyer you will find some great deals. The atmosphere is upbeat, warm, friendly and helpful. The fees are low, and if an item doesn’t sell, there are no relisting fees. The awesome people you “meet” at OLA are glad to offer you any help you need and the staff cares about you. Everyone is welcomed in the chat forums with open arms. If this is not enough to convince you to register, just come on by, say hi and check it out for yourself.

One Ringy Dingy.

One of the biggest advantages of for me is that there is an actual phone number with a real person at the other end. Being able to have a conversation with a live person that knows what they are talking about is definitely a plus. If you have ever used a site that doesn’t give you any way to communicate with their staff you will understand why this is so important.
Crafting is My “Bag”.

I am an avid crafter and I love making and selling handcrafted functional items for others to enjoy such as diabetic bracelets, scrabble tile pendants, jeans bags, beaded bookmarks, purse charms, key chains and more. I never know what I am going to decide to try to make next, and if it comes out decent, I list it. On occassion I make and sell a few one of a kind handcrafted concrete items like my Faux Bois (false wood) tealight candle holders. You may also find some vintage and other items I pick up at thrift stores or yard sales, but crafting is really my “bag”. I try my best to describe items accurately, I answer questions promptly, and I ship quickly. Thank you for dropping by and happy shopping.

Paypal is my Preferred Payment Option allows me to use any payment plan I wish but Paypal is the one my customers choose the most. It is easily set up and the same account can also be set up in multiple sites. Your customer can pay by debit or credit card or Paypal transfer. They don’t even need to sign up with Paypal first!! Payment to the seller is instantaneous unless it is an e-check. Easy for the customer and well known!


Spread Your Little Wings

I came, I saw, I joined and I stayed because is my favorite selling venue and the only site I have been happy with. OLA has all the features I want to use and the positive attitude from members has helped me spread my selling “wings” and try new things, it is an uplifting and supportive place to be. I am a member of and have tried several other sites for selling but, I am not very happy with any of them, and most places I tried I left quickly. I am so glad to have found OLA.

I fell in love!!

I joined on a whim in ‘08 then forgot all about it. I began selling online but was hindered in what I could do in my “store” so I came back to OLA in 2010 and haven’t looked back! The site is being totally revamped and is great! The owners listen to the members! We have live customer service people! And the members support each other! And I run my business MY way! What more could I ask for? I love it here!! kornkountrytreasures

Google Wallet as a Payment Option

Google Wallet (formerly Google Checkout) allows buyers to use their credit cards or debit cards to pay for a purchase. For a buyer, it is fast and easy. Sign up and verify your information and you are set to go. As a seller, Google Wallet is not instantaneous. It takes a day for the payment to hit the sellers account after the initial start up period. The seller does need a new account with a separate link to each new site where they wish to accept Google Wallet. But for those buyers who do not use Paypal, it is great!! lets ME choose the best payment method for my store!
Accepting Money Orders for Payment

I accept money orders in my store but I ask for USPS money orders. They are easily purchased (at any post office) and easily verified and cashed at the same so there is no “waiting period” to allow the money order to clear. All I do is take it to my local post office. For those that do not have debit or credit cards, it is a safe, easy method of payment. Just one more way that I can use the payment type best for me and my customers on!
Payment options.

The Freedom to Choose Payment Options. gives sellers the freedom to accept any form of payment they choose, even cash if they so desire. It’s nice to be able to choose and as far as I know OLA is the only site that does this. My payment choices? I personally prefer Pay/Pal or I can send you a Google invoice because, for me, these are simply the easiest and quickest ways for sellers to get paid and they are safe for my buyers too, which is important to me. I also accept Money Orders purchased from the Post Office upon my buyers request. The nice thing about accepting Money Orders is, no processing fees.

Stores! You need one!!
about your store

Welcome to Dusty Corners Place! I opened my store in February 2009 to sell my multitude of things I have collected or acquired. It was getting overwhelming (ok, I was hoarding) along with taking up too much space in my spare room. I am a craft-minded person and can create just about anything out of cloth or wood.
My inventory goes beyond that and includes a variety of craft supplies such as cross stitch, quilting, sewing, decorative painting, and more. I have expanded my auctions to include home décor items, books of all kinds, handmades, collectibles, and more.
I have always practiced some kind of repurposing (the crafty mind is constantly at work!) and you will find recycled projects available from time to time, too.
Do you need something made? Just ask!! I enjoy custom work and have many happy customers over the years. If I cannot make it, there’s a good chance I know someone who can!
My pricing is fair, but most of my items can be negotiated – just make me an offer! Shipping costs are constantly going up, and I charge the buyer what the post office charges me to ship. No profit is made on my shipping.
So now that you know a little about me, grab your favorite beverage and get comfy as you browse my store. Oh, and if you want to know how I got the name Dusty Corners, just ask! There is a story to be told DustyCorners

SeO tips Photos
SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization, (a.k.a. SEO), is a hot topic amongst online sellers. What can I do to maximize the chances of my auction being highly ranked within the search engines, such as Google and Bing? FleaPirates highly recommends learning, and adapting your templates, to the Score 4 method, which was researched, tested and written by our very own OLA community. You’ll find the guidelines in the chat room. Each step is important in it’s own right, but used in conjuction with one another, those steps have proved to be a winning formula for many of our successful sellers!
Blogging For Success

A great way to bring attention to your auction listing, or your store, is by writing a blog post. The OLA Team Blog is an established blog, that already has a wide audience and traffic, and is a wise choice, especially for first-time bloggers. Team Blog Members are always willing to lend a hand with learning the features of Blogger, as well as the steps to writing a fantastic blog post. Many of us can boast direct sales from this blog! For participation rules and how to join, please find the Team Blog thread in the chat room. And be sure to visit and comment whenever possible, at!

Fabulous Photos!

Providing great photos really adds to the attractiveness of your auction, making your item more likely to sell! Clear photos, using different angles, speak as loudly as a well-written description. A unique feature at is that members are willing to share their photo capturing secrets with the community. Where can you find these answers and more? Find them in the chat room, of course! Everything from lighting, to backdrops, to the macro-function, and proper sizing has been, and will continue to be, discussed. Thanks to this perk, I’ve learned invaluable tips on how to take fabulous photos with ease
Photo Help

I get my best photos using a plain white poster board in the background. This allows the item for sale to be seen more clearly. Sometimes, I will use a different color if the item is light colored. Always be sure to photograph any flaws and describe the flaw to the best of your ability! Honesty in photos and words!! That’s the best policy!
Great Options for Uploading Photos

With, you have a choice of up to 4 free photos uploaded from your computer or up to 10 free photos uploaded from a photo storage site, such as PhotoBucket. This will add the photos to the end of the description. For myself, I like uploading the main picture from my computer, then putting the links IN my template from PhotoBucket to create a nice listing. Gives the listing a smooth finish. Not hard!! I am NOT a computer expert!! I’d love to show you how!!kornkountrytreasures

More tips
Nothing makes me more annoyed than seeing word after word of mispelled words in an auction..
I don’t mean an occasional word, I mean many many words.. I make errors, I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t make a mistake and miss a mispelled word, I don’t have spell check and sometimes I find a word that I wonder how I missed it even though I double checked my spelling..

So this will be something I will be watching more closely in my auctions. Goldi

Click, Click, Click Please.

Even though I am learning as a seller, thanks to my OLA pals, I am not the best at taking photos so I won’t try to give you any photo takings tips, but, as a buyer, here is what I like to see. Photos taken from as many angles as possible, front, back, side and, if there is an inside, show that too. The more I, as a buyer can see, the better off you are. Never, ever try to deceive me by using touched up photos as this can come back to bite you in the backside, and, do try to show any damage that may be present. As a buyer, I don’t like to see stock photos in a listing. On if you upload photos from your computer, your first four are free, or, if you upload them from Photobucket or a similar site, you can upload 10 photos for free.
Put Images Into Your Best Listings’ Tweets

An image in Twitter is worth way more than the characters it uses up. Twitter images go into your gallery, attached to their original tweets and links back to your store or item. Your profile page is much more interesting with an image gallery, and this keeps your best tweets at the top of the page. Only 6 images are visible at one time, but the rest are still there. You can click on an image, then scroll back and forth to see the rest. But wait, there’s more! When someone retweets your tweet, the image goes with it, and drops into that person’s gallery, again with tweet and link attached, giving your tweet a much wider range and longer life span than it would have without the image. Hint: keep images a reasonable size—about 200-300 pixels wide for easy viewing.
Country Naturals OLA House

Meet Successful online Selling Seller Letsplaytagsales Anna!

Whether you have stuff that is stashed away in your garage, closets or attic items you no longer need, selling is important to make money and keep the unwanted, unneeded stuff out of the way. can help you do Spring Cleaning and bring in some $Cash!

I See Red!

Sell on!  What is in your garage?

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