Read Testimonials

Read Testimonials

“The staff and members at OLA are truly special. I have been extremely satisfied with the service and the affordable price to sell. Plus, the camaraderie I found here at is a huge bonus!”

– davendeb1178
“We have found since coming to OLA it is like a very supportive family. The members and staff here are always there to help and lend an hand if needed. OLA is a wonderful place to call home. It’s like a giant mall on the web where we are allowed to run our business the way we want to run it.”

– MetzyMom
“I have been successfully selling my homemade soap here at OLA since February 2008, and have loved it every day. I absolutely love it here at OLA, especially the community members who frequent the chat! It’s awesome to be able to share ideas and experiences with everyone!”

-Jen Westcott
“I SELL ON OLA! online auction . com! Draggon Taggers Cave! Lots of great sellers there and very friendly too! And it’s only 8 bucks a month period! No listing, Final value or hidden fees and most sellers only charge ACTUAL SHIPPING! Not the blown out of proportion charges like other sites. List all you want for that $8 a month and the only extra you will pay is for enhancements that you choose! You can have up to 4 pictures FREE in your listings too! Lots of bonuses there! I won’t sell anywhere else! Come look us up! I’m DraggonTagger.”

-Missy Snell
“I, curiocache, am also an eBay defectee who has moved to, aka Outstanding service at OLA and an unbelievably caring and compassionate group of sellers and buyers. This site growing by leaps and bounds. I am so proud to have signed up as a founding member of This will be THE auction site in the future!”

“I sell on eBay and eBay still gets the most action, but OLA is coming on strong and offers TOTAL FLEXIBILITY, which is a real plus for webmasters. From OLA listings, we can link to our own websites, embed other links, graphics and widgets, and include any creative terms we can think up, without interference.”

“I did quite a bit of research before joining I was looking for an auction site–not a fixed price site. OLA fit the bill.
I thought then, and continue to believe, that OLA has great potential.
I joined as a Founding Member–partly to get a store (called an OLA House), partly to lock in my fees for life, and partly to put my money where my mouth is.
And listing is pretty easy, too.”

“I was a seller on ebay for over 8 years and I moved to It’s the best!. It’s like ebay used to be a long, long time ago and makes selling & buying online fun again.
OLA is only 8 bucks a month, no matter how much you list! 0 final value fee, 0 relisting fee, 4 free pictures, freedom of the payment choices you as the seller, want to receive, not what some other site tells you what you must accept! Freedom to put a link in your listings, if you sell elsewhere. OLA gives you the freedom because they don’t collect a final value fee. It also has all the same auction formats as ebay does.
I becoming a founding member because it locks in the 8 bucks a month fee for life. With OLA growing so fast, it’s a great bargain for the online seller. My sales are really picking up as so many ebay refugees are finding OLA and lovin’ it.
I researched ALOT of other sites before choosing OLA. It’s the most like ebay (only better). All the other sites I checked out are too confusing and too messed up from a buyers point of view. OLA is plain & very easy.
http://www.onlineauction is constantly upgrading the site and actually listens to their members. We on OLA are committed to building it to #1. A site will take some time to get there (so did ebay), but OLA is well on it’s way to being the best online auction site out there!”

“After several years on Ebay they finally drove me away with all the changes and I found (OLA.COM) and have been having some success selling. I became a founding member so I could have my own store. OLA has many good features some of which are free listing as many listings as you like, no listing fees, no final value fees, choice of the type of payment recieved, and if you sell at other venues you are allowed to place a link to your items in the listings. Customer support is the best of any I have seen anywhere, a real person picks up the phone and never the run around.”

“I’m very happy to have left eBay and found my wonderful new home at OLA ( How does OLA compare to eBay? Sorry, you’ll have to give up all those terrible fees and all those insane buyers! At OLA, you pay just $8 a month for UNLIMITED listings with NO final value fees. You get FOUR FREE images with every listing. You get a super-easy, lightning-fast listing form. As a Founding Member, I get a beautiful FREE house where shoppers can browse with ease! OLA just keeps getting better and better. Since joining less than a year ago, I’ve had hundreds of sales to friendly, prompt buyers. So it’s not just less expensive — it’s MUCH less hassle for sellers. Oh — would you like to know OLA’s BIGGEST secret? Low fees mean FANTASTIC low prices — it’s a shopper’s paradise!”

“Deb and I sold on the big E for almost 4 years and when the big change started back early this year we decided we needed a change.
we ended up on OLA.COM and are very happy there.
it is a no stress place to sell and the people are like family and we all help each other out, we work as one to build a great site for all of us.
our sales have been picking up and we are very happy with the customer support and the other sellers.
we truely one big happy family.”

“I have sold on quite a few sites since leaving eBay in February and Have finally found one I know will be eBay’s competition very soon it’s founding members pay $196 dollars for a OLA House store and get $200 dollars back in auction enhancement fee’s and each year after that it’s only $96 dollars a year No FVF no listing fee’s and you run your store as if it’s your own website…..take the payment forms you want etc…or you can be a key member for only $8.00 a month and no extra Fee’s and we have our own Radio show on Thursday nights Ola this is the most fun I have had on a auction site in a very long time….check us out! ~~~Lynda”

“I think with the decline of Ebay there are a lot of sellers looking for the best place to sell right now and every site has its merits and demerits. We were on Ebay for many years with over 3000 100% positive sales but like many others the management decisions and the fee increases drove us out the door…we tried a few sites while we were still there checking out the listing ease, the cost to us as sellers, site navigation and all the other things you look for when starting anew. I am not going to disrespect any site here as they are all mostly in their infancy but the only site that satisfied all the criteria we were looking for was
We were welcomed by the sellers we met as friends rather than competitors, every question we had was answered quickly and efficiently by fellow sellers or staff, listings are an absolute breeze and the cost?…well $8.00 per month is just under 4 cents a day, 4 free pictures, no final value fees, different styles of auctions and good sales in our first month convinced us we had found what we were looking for!!!
There is an awesome sense of community and belief that is so refreshing its really hard to dislike anything about OLA…so why not try it yourself and see what we have and how we are growing every day.”

“i am selling on several different sites such as blujay, etsy, bonanzle, and tried several others with no luck but my fave site is online auction i love the people there and i have sold 71 items so far. way better than the other sites i sell on. ola even has fun games! $8 per month for all you want to list, sure beats the hundreds i used to spend listing on ebay! plus you can accept any payment type you want, the list of why ola is better than ebay just goes on and on!!”

“I sold on ebay for 4 years and left in march and moved to The site ROCKS! Its my home and the sellers are like family. I have NEVER had such a good relationship with so many other sellers before. Just like any other selling site over the summer sales were slow, but they are picking up. I get at least one new customer each week and every time the new customers buy several things from me. The beauty of it is that my new customers are becoming my regular customers and that is the butter on my bread. :)”

-Linda Smith
“After being a powerseller on ebay for several years..that status turned to “powerless” seller with all the new ebay rules and “improvements”. I switched to OLA.OnlineAuctions in the spring. Very reasonable listing fees at only $8.00/month for all you care to list. Very responsive management and technical help. When was the last ime that you recived a phone call welcoming you to an auction site from the owner. It is also very easy to post your auctions, which include 4 free pictures. I like it there. The chats and people are friendly and helpful. I call it home.”

“I moved to (OLA)after selling on Ebay. The site is one of the friendliest I have ever seen and only $8 a month to sell without any extra fees. You can accept any type of payment you want, become a Founding member, with your own store, at a guaranteed price for life! It is family and a few wonderful members have started an OLA FAMILY ALBUM you can see at:”

“Spent 9 years on the bay – have been at OLA since Feb & have sold 300+ items so there is traffic & activity & NO FVF!! I have been adding to my own site slowly but no sales yet. OLA is home.”

-dragonmum2 “I’ve tried several venues since leaving the ‘bay. I’m most comfortable at OLA – the environment is supportive, the web exposure is getting better, the sales are steadily increasing, and $8 a month is nothing to list the 400 or more items I’ve had. One great thing about OLA is they don’t try to be your exclusive venue – and they allow you to link to your other sites. You can have auctions on OLA and fixed price items other places. You can also cross list and increase your chance of selling. I think cooperation and connectivity are the new faces of eCommerce – not exclusivity. Y’all come visit us at OLA!!”

-Tamara “I sold on Ebay for many years but had to join the boycott (myspace.boycottebay) when ebay decided to ruin the small sellers. I wandered around the net looking for new venues and even sold a few more things on ebay because I thought I HAD to in order to make money. The result of going back to ebay was 4 NPB or Chargebacks out of 15 transactions! I figure I lost about $200 on that deal!
Now I sell at almost exclusively. They are set up to handle the most influx, they are easy to navigate, easy to list, easy to buy, and only 8 bucks a month to sell! NO final value fees! It’s FREE to buy too. The community at onlineauction is amazing and feels more like a “family”. I never spent much time on the ebay boards and when I did, they were so petty and mean! Everyone treated you like you were stupid if you had a question or concern, or they just tried to discourage you from selling. OLA is SO different! They welcome new sellers and buyers alike! They have contests with each other to see who can answer a new person’s question first! They pray for each other, help each other out, play games together, and even have auctions for EACH OTHER! Some of us have even begun LINKING our auctions to other sellers auctions… just to be nice!
There is no better place to be!”

-Trixie “I can tell you with most certainty- that I DO NOT SELL ON EBAY. I used to sell on ebay-until Ebay joined the ranks of Corporate Greed.
It is the fees that the sellers pay that enable the CEO’s,executives, and other members to recieve a salary. The Corporate Officers and CEO have gone to great lengths over the past few years… to find every possible way to entrap, discourage, disable and cheat the many many former loyal ,honest ,Hardworking Ebay sellers- of which Ebay has then set into motion -the most deceptive forms of practice and policy changes in early 2008-tieing the hands, and robbing the sellers to the point that even the Largest Businesses on ebay have left ebay for Good-and crushed the smaller ones.
Prospective honest buyers no longer go to ebay as well. It has become a Haven or Sancutuary for internet theives.
Personally- i started to buy things on a site called Ola. com. It’s user friendly-and it seems it is where all former ebay sellers have gone. So i too will be selling on Ola shortly-as my buying experiences there have been what EBAY WAS ONCE… BUT WILL NEVER BE AGAIN.
“” has a easy site name, a great variety of items, and is THE PLACE TO BE. ! Ola has been in business since 1998-but could never compete with ebay in the past… but has had to make several upgrades to accomodate the newly incoming buyers and sellers.
Ebay WILL NEVER BE ‘IT’ AGAIN…The management has forgotten who made them what they once were… SOOOO LONG EBAY…Adios- dos vendanya, bye bye…
Hello Ola !!!!! And Ola has a toll free phone number of which anyone may be able to speak to a friendly staff member… a real Human… Ola’s staff is patient, most helpful, and they are extremely organized.

-Michael Holcomb “I am a founding member at
OLA Rocks!!!”

-Karen “I left Ebay back in February when all the changes came out. I know sell on which works for me. I have seen many improvements seen I joined them back in Feb. I also have items on ioffer with no success, but being there I have nothing to lose. I can tell you for certainty that I no longer buy or sell on ebay.”

“, THE auction site of the future!!! All the rest of the smaller sites will most likely never make it, so OLA will definitely be the place to be. No FVF fees, free re-lists, the list goes on!! Never heard of Atomic Mall and some of the others before, so most likely, neither have buyers, and from what I can see, not many sales or traffic there at all. OLA offers outstanding Customer Service too!! When you’re done checking out the others, come to OLA, OLA is here to stay!!”

“As I read through the various posts, I am surprised that many, instead of just singing the praises of their own sites, choose to bash other sites. When considering which site to sell on, consider that these bashers would be your co-workers. If they’ll bash another site, how long before they’ll bash you, your widgets, your items, your business. “At, you will find a supportive membership of folks who are not concerned with what others are doing. You will find a supportive membership of folks who pull together as one to make OLA a wonderful place to do business. You will find a friendly, homey atmosphere to conduct business in. Competition is considered a good thing, even amongst themselves. Not to mention the fact that you are free to list anything and everything for only $8 a month with no listing, relisting, or fvf fees. OLA works hard as a community to help ALL members become successful. It’s where I chose to sell because I like knowing that the staff and the other members have my back. They don’t bash the other sites in public, so I know they won’t bash me in private. Everyone is an equal, from the owner down to the newest seller or buyer.”

-Melissa “I have thoroughly enjoyed for the last 3 months I have been there. I am up to nearly 200 positive feedback – much quicker than I was on eBay. I have found the service and quality of sellers and buyers to be outstanding. I highly recommend!”

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