Month: February 2012

Music Trivia @ OLA!

In a little cabaret in a South Texas border town sat a boy and his guitar, and the people came from all around …

Name that song and the artist who sings it!

First one to post the correct answers here on the OLA Blog, WINS a $50.00 Visa Gift Card!

Good Luck and Have Fun!

OLA Movie Trivia!

“Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.”

–      Name the character that said the above quote

–      The actor who plays the character

–      The movie the quote is from

The first person to post on the blog all 3 answers correctly, WINS a $50.00 Visa Gift Card!

*You must answer all 3 correctly to win*

*You may guess as many times as you like*

*Answer must be posted on the OLA Blog only*


Taylor Swift Autographed Photo


Autographed Star Guitar

Brad Paisley Autographed CD “This is Country Music”

Carrie Underwood Autographed “Play On” CD

OLA – Seller Of The Month

OLA Store:

In Jill’s words, meet the Lather Up Soap Team, Rod & Jill

How long have you been selling online?

Rod & I have been selling online since August 2011

How and or why did you start selling online?

I am a “do it yourself” person in every sense of the word, and bought a book on how to make soap, and Rod said; “honey hey this is really great let’s make a go of a soap business online!” (In 2006 I had an eBay store selling odds and ends, antiques, my sons stuff, good friends South American jewelry etc…)

What is the most interesting thing you’ve bought or sold online?

Books and DVD’s on, of course…how to do it yourself!

But really, we think the one thing we bought that saved us the most money was a DVD on how to dress out a deer or elk, Rod is a hunter and we count on that to fill our freezer for the following year-

Our soap is the most interesting to me, anyway…

What hobbies do you have besides selling online?

Rod, well he would say his hobby is work … oh-well- laughing.

Myself, love photography, sewing, beading, creative cooking, tile mosaics, watercolors, growing our own food, making something from nothing like drift wood art (frames) too much to list here!

Can you please share a tip for other users regarding selling on OLA.

Don’t underestimate the power of a Tweet, and the super mega power of a photograph, it will speak 1,000 words, and then some!!

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