Month: January 2011

2011 Ford Mustang Daytona 500 Signed by Carl Edwards!

1958 Corvette on!

2007 Harley-Davidson Soft Tail Deluxeon!

2007 Harley-Davidson Soft Tail Deluxe

1956 Mercury Coupe on!

1955 Belair on!

1955 Chevrolet Belair 427 cu. in. ** SHOW WINNER****_SHOW_WINNER**

1939 Ford Roadster on!

1939 Ford Roadster

1967 Camaro SS

Wondering what you are going to do with all that stuff in the garage?

Wondering what you are going to do with all that stuff in the garage?

Sell it on!

Only $8/month

List & sell as many items as you choose with no listing fees or final value fees.

A Verified Seller is entitled to bid without limitations, communicate between Buyers & Sellers via a private O-Mail account, use Chat Rooms, and view/post feedback. At we are trying to build the safest place possible to do business.Need some help?  800-900-2828!

January Seller of the Month Letsplaytagsales

Seller Of The Month – January
Date/Time:01/03/11 12:00 AM

I love it here at, it has been a pleasure selling here. Really less stress than anywhere else I have sold before. I have been selling on this site since august of this year. But I have been selling online for over 10 yrs. I once was running 4 sites on my own at the same auction house.

I started selling online to make money and support my family since I was going through hard times and needed to find something to do besides retail which is what I do…I own a retail store, costume jewelry and at the time going through a divorce with no child support, I had to sell online.  I started making some big money on eBay and that helped me a lot keeping my store alive and taking care of my 4 kids.

Now I found this great site and love it here.  eBay did not do the right thing by me and even with as much money as I was paying fees there they didn’t care…and you know what…neither did I because I knew I could make it anywhere. So eBay lost the best seller they had. So, here I am, and as happy as can be with

My love is buying and selling.  I enjoy not only the selling and the buying but meeting the people and knowing the history of the people. When I know that I helped someone in need by buying the item from them, it makes me happier to know I helped them.

Soon I’ll be on a TV reality show preview in Feb. that is on TRUTV as a tag sale seller…a really great fun show that will be on once a week, 1 hr a week nationwide. I am very excited about this and will be finding many more goodies to bring on to sell. On creating a great store on … I feel that just a happy colorful honest place to shop is the answer, doesn’t have to be fancy, just happy and inviting.


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The Big Schwag: [shouts] You gotta be kidding me!

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The Big Schwag and Chris Fain

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