You can pay monthly $8.00. You do not have to pay the $96.00 up front for the whole year. For the $8.00 a month you can list up to 8,000 items, no other listing fees, no final value fees and no relisting fees and you can click on auto relist and if it does not sell you have to do nothing as it auto relist. The only way you will spend more money is if you want to feature an item.

I hope you decide to join us and I welcome you to OLA. I love it here after 11 yrs on ebay this is very refreshing to be able to keep every penny you earn and have so many people in the chat section to help others if they have a problem or need instructions on anything. No selfish sellers here as they want us all to succeed.

If you have anyother question call 1-800-900-2828 and if you get the leave a message be sure to leave your phone number and someone will get back to you more than likely the same day depending on where you live and their hours. seller Chatey Cathey