Blogs are FUN and FREE ways to develop relationships with peers and potential customers AND advertise your business at the same time.

In my opinion, reading/writing a blog post is entirely different from the social interaction that you maintain on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Blogs should be more like a newspaper article! (Or a press release.) You should be giving your readers something of value, not chatting socially.

For example:

A.) If you deal in coins/currency… what is the history of some of your most popular wares? The current value? What’s trending? Where are the shows that you plan on attending and why? etc.

B.) If you are a crafter… what is your latest project? Do you have a craft that you would be willing to share instructions for? What are your favorite materials? etc.

C.) If you sell electronics… again, what are the latest new gadgets and why are they important to have? What makes Brand “A” better than Brand “B”? What are some tips for use? etc

D.) If you sell glassware… how do you spot a real from a fake? What’s the history of a specific manufacturer? Explain some of the common terms… etc.

You get the idea! Take your chosen field and answer questions, or solve a problem, or share ideas and knowledge. All of this will lead to people following you who (eventually) will think you are either an expert in your field or are, at the very least, very entertaining. Wink

You can link back to individual items or your storefront in your post. You can put items or a store link on the sidebar. (The sidebar is also a great place for links to your Twitter / Facebook / other contact sites.)

Blogs are VERY customizable, meaning, you can add or omit as much info about yourself, your interests and your products as you like.

One great story… in the past we enjoyed a lady who sold books. She also loved creative writing, and boy, was she good at it! So her blog posts were mainly creative writing pieces. She grew her followers list to an amazing number and do you know what? All those people saw/used the links to her store and an occasional product or two. She’s retired now, but I sure appreciated having her on my blog roll. Very Happy

Anyway, here are the two most popular free sites to open a blog:
Blog at

And guess what? If you open a personal blog, you can write about whatever you like, whenever you like! But I will caution you… controversial topics might get a lot of attention, but taking sides can alienate people, so be careful if you are advertising your store on the same page. Know what I mean? Rolling Eyes

If anyone is interested in joining, just shoot me an omail. We’ll set you up and even give you a tutorial, if needed.