Thunder Mustang. This completed kit aircraft out flies and out performs the full scale Mustang at a fraction of the price. 80 Hours TT Garmin 430 KX 155 with Glide Slope. Century HSI Garmin 340 Audio Garmin 327 TX STEC 30 AP. A Super Strong, easy to fly aircraft that is beautiful in every way. Serious Inquiries Only! Additional Photos available upon request. Avionics Garmin 430 KX 155 with Glide Slope Century HSI Garmin 340 Audio Garmin 327 TX STECH 30 AP Engines Falconer V-12, 640 hp Specifications Powerplant: Falconer V-12, 640 hp Displacement: 601 cu in Length: 24.2 ft Wing Span: 23.8 ft Power Loading: 4.69 lb/hp Gross Weight: 3200 lb Basic Fuel Capacity: 102 gallons (in wings) Performance Rate of Climb @ gross: 5200 ft/min Maximum Level Speed @ Sea Level: 326 kts (375 mph) Cruise Speed @ 75% Power: 300 kts (340 mph) Fuel Consumption: 22-25 gal/h Range: 1300 NM For sale and located in Troy, Alabama 36079