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How long have you been selling online?
Hi, I’ve been selling on line since 2002 after I got comfortable with computers, operating systems and how to use them. I wouldn’t even get on line till I read all the books that came with the first Gateway I was given by my father!

How and or why did you start selling online?
I had a lot of things around the house that I no longer needed or wanted. I was tired of polishing silver items. Those were the first to go! After that, I was hooked.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve bought or sold online?
There have been many interesting things I’ve sold because I, also, started selling for other folks who didn’t understand how to do online sales.

The biggest nail biting, make you sweat auction, I ever had was when I placed a Kees Van Dongen lithograph print on auction. I did my research and got lucky enough to find out some information, then started looking for comparable auctions. The only place I found anything about this artist or his paintings were in Europe. I found someone who was requesting this art and sent an email to them about my running auction. I guess they put the word out there and I had so many bids I couldn’t believe it!

I was so nervous I know I checked my listing a hundred times to make sure I hadn’t put anything false in the ad. Anyway, the lithograph sold for almost $700.00!! The only bidders were from Europe and this was my first challenge of shipping using customs forms.

Then I came upon a Nazi war flag but wasn’t allowed to sell it on another venue because of their horrible listing rules. I saved it and when I came here to OLA I found out that I was permitted to sell this flag here. The flag sold for $200.00.

What hobbies do you have besides selling online?
Simply put, I play golf when time permits. I like boating and most recreational sports.

Then, of course, I like to work on the computer. I was very curious about how some of the seller pages I came across were so pretty. So, I learned how to use html by reading a Dummies book. Laughing, that took a year.

Can you please share a tip on creating your OLA store?
OLA makes it very easy to set up a simple store by just following the directions but OLA is great if you want to get fancy because it allows creativity if you want to use a little HTML or CSS coding. We have a lot of great members here that have written lots of tutorials to help new members out! I like making them, too, because I have always been better at understanding things when I see the screen shots.

I wish all the newest members to Online Auction would stop by the Chat area to see some of the great tutorials, just join in the games or converse with other sellers. We’ve got a great Family here at OLA.