Chris Fain, CEO, will be on OLA Radio October 6th!!! As always, Chris is happy to answer your questions about If you have questions for Chris, please feel free to Omail them to me before October 4th. Please remember that Chris is not a tech, so please be careful when asking technical questions. We may take questions live during the show, but only from people who are registered on talkshoe with an actual ID… and that is if we take live questions at all. Radio interviews with Chris usually run longer than the hour show (which is never a problem… we’ll stay on the air until Chris is done… lol…), so we usually do not take questions that were not written in ahead of time via Omail. We may be able to take some live phone calls, but again, only from people with actual ID’s. Be sure you are signed up on Talkshoe!!!

So, if you have questions for Chris, please omail them to me here at OLA or you can FaceBook me your questions. Either way, you have until October 4th, when I will put all the questions into a written radio-friendly format. Radio Info:
October 6th, 2011
5:00 pm Pacific Time
6:00 pm Mountain Time
7:00 pm Central Time
8:00 pm Eastern Time

Link for OLA Radio:

We look forward to seeing you there!