Meet jenbana88 an OLA Seller since 2008

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How long have I been selling on line? Well, I have been selling online for quite sometime…probably about 12+ years.

Why did I start selling online? Long ago in the before children era my dear friend and myself had a little antique shop. We had started pulling a few things here and there and trying them on the bay for a little added income and it certainly stuck! I’ve been doing this off and on throughout the years since then.

What is the most interesting thing I have sold online? I once found a bag of attic remnants at the local town spring cleanup. Someone must have cleaned out their mother’s attic, and she kept all her school mementos. I found some ticket stubs from the opening of The Beatles-Hard Day’s Night. There were also some autographed programs from a country club somewhere in New York where they used to have all star basketball games, Wilt Chamberlain was among them, these I donated to our preschools benefit Chinese auction! They did very well on them!

What hobbies do I have? I do not even know where to start with hobbies…my husband would be rolling his eyes right now…I make and sell jewelry at local festivals, love baking, love antique and vintage items and have far too many collections to prove it!

Share a tip – Not so much a tip as a comment… If you don’t love it don’t do it! I love vintage and old items and I love being the finder of treasures for people. You sometimes get someone who is so excited to have stumbled across an item they never thought they would find. When I first joined here at OLA I sold a skateboard to a man who had been searching for the very same one for years! This was the same skateboard he had as a child and he e-mailed me so excited that he had finally located one after all these years! That is the reason I do this …it is that moment that makes selling at OLA all worthwhile, so if you have been pondering starting here … jump on in … everyone is real helpful here and if you have any questions just call…someone will actually talk to you…imagine that!