Superstar_Autographs Store:

I have been selling online since September 2009.

With the help of a friend, I began selling things I had in my house, as well as items purchased at local garage sales.

I started selling online for 3 main reasons.  Firstly, my hours at the office were decreasing almost every week because the marketing business where I work was slowing down heavily.  This forced me to start looking for alternatives.  Secondly, I knew some friends that were selling online and were doing so well that I wished to experience that same efficiency of work.  Lastly, I wished to create my own business and with my own hours.  In this way, I could depend on myself for work instead of the traditional way of looking for a job.

The funniest (interesting) thing I ever sold was a 1980s Vintage Alf stuffed doll I purchased at a Goodwill store.  It did not cost much, nor did I sell it for such a large profit.  The interesting or funny thing was the quickness of which it sold and 2) the location of the buyer.  I listed the doll the same night I purchased it, and it sold next morning.  There was a buyer from Turkey asking me about shipping costs, but another buyer from Russia snatched the item right away without asking any questions whatsoever.  Furthermore, it took 6 weeks to arrive to the item’s destination, but the buyer was so happy with the Alf doll, that he did not care how long it took to arrive.  In addition, he left me highly positive feedback.  I still remember this transaction more than any other.

When I’m not selling, I enjoy playing sports, watching great movies, and reading historical and mystical books.

The most important tip for your OLA business I can share is this:  SEO.  At first, I had no clue what the heck this meant, but thanks to Frank (customer rep at OLA), he guided me on how to drive traffic to my store.  He specifically taught me to have my title, subtitle, and title on the description identical to one another.  He also taught me about Twitter and Facebook. These were great tools in boosting sales.