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– How long have you been selling online?

Hubby and I started selling online in 1999 using the other site (eBay). While looking for a friendlier selling environment in Feb 2008, we found OLA and became part of the OLA family as a founding member.

– How and or why did you start selling online?

We were selling antiques and collectibles in a brick & mortar store and offering our items at major east-coast shows and added internet auctions to broaden our market.

– What is the most interesting thing you’ve bought or sold online?

The most interesting item was an original Jasper John “Target” Lithograph from the mid-1960’s that netted thousands! I’ve also sold numerous items, such as a pair of hand-carved blackboard pointers to the Indiana One Room School House Museum, and paperweights from the 1800’s to the Harvard Library.

– What hobbies do you have besides selling online?

I like to sew and garden and I also enjoy learning HTML and other codes to enhance my listings and develop tutorials to share them with other sellers to help them improve their abilities as well.

– Can you please share a tip on creating your OLA store?

Don’t be afraid to get started. Start by going to OLA’s site map and read the “How To” for setting up your store and going to the chats and reading the tutorials. If you run into something you don’t understand, go into the chats and ask a question – someone will always be willing to help. Or, you can call the 800 number at OLA Customer Support and talk to a real live person.