Seller Of The Month – May
Date/Time:05/01/11 12:00 AM

Classic_Chloe May Seller Of The Month


Fenton Rose Bowl ~ Lily of the Valley Pattern Circa 1979

Classic_Chloe OLA Store:

– How long have you been selling online?

I started selling online in 1998, when I first found eBay.  I loved the concept–on line–internet auction sales–from the start.  In my opinion, no site offers as many positive experiences for sellers as OLA.

– How and or why did you start selling online?  

 My parents were antique dealers, so I grew up surrounded by antiques.  I have been selling many of my personal collections in the past few years.

– What is the most interesting thing you’ve bought or sold online?

 Schwinn Varsity Bicycle circa 1970.  10 speed.

Not the most costly; that would be a Daum Nancy lamp that I sold on eBay for over $6,000 a few years back.  The key word here is interesting.  

I sold a pair of old glass door knobs to someone in Japan once, a piece of Gouda pottery to the Gouda Museum in Holland, and once I donated an item to the Beverly Hills Film Museum because the curator saw it and asked for it.

Someone just bid on a book of 20 Walking Liberty Half Dollars.  That’s Sweet.

– What hobbies do you have besides selling online?

 I am an avid reader.  I love to read non-fiction, biographies, and memoirs.  I have an African Grey Parrot, Maxwell, who is 20 years old, and three Jack Russell terriers.

– Please share a tip on creating your OLA store? Or using OLA in general.  

Take it one step at a time, enjoy listing your items, and be fair.  I aim to please, and follow the Golden Rule:  I offer interesting merchandise at fair prices.