It has come to our attention at that individuals are trying to scam sellers out of their merchandise by offering to pay with an online payment service such as (PayPal, Google Checkout, Revolution Money Exchange…) and requesting the items be shipped to a non verified address (as verified by the payment service you are using).

We would like to remind everyone to reread the policies that you agreed to with whatever online payment service (s) you have chosen to use.

If you need assistance or have questions about a buyer or payment you have received feel free to contact or call 800.900.2828 and we will do everything we can to assist you.

This is a post on ebay….. although a somewhat different scenario it is worth mentioning and is something sellers should be aware of!    … VF

I had an experience with a fraudulent buyer last month. I sold a Kodak Easyshare to eBay member thesirfred for about $135.  Soon after I received an email from an identical PayPal email noting that I have received a payment of $480!!!

Here is what they also say:

“This PayPal payment has been deducted from the buyer’s account and has been “APPROVED” but will not be credited to your account until the shipment confirmation number is sent to us for shipment verification so as to secure both the buyer and the seller. Below are the necessary information requested before your account will be credited. Send the shipment reference/tracking number to us or email… and our customer service care will attend to you. As soon as you send the shipment’s tracking number for security purposes and the safety of the buyer with the seller,the money will be credited to your account. **PLEASE NOTE**
Once shipment has been verified  and the tracking number sent to us,
You will receive a “CONFIRMATION” email from PayPal informing you that the Money has been credited. Thank you for using PayPal! And that once you send the tracking code, the transaction will be completed” 

Too good to be true right? Notice how they state the importance of sending the tracking code. I contacted PayPal and spoke to a rep. It turned out this was a typical fraudulent email. Then I received an additional email directly from the buyer saying this:

“Hello, I want to take it to your notice that the payment has been made and confirmation receipt has been sent to me from PayPal and you can just pls write from your best friend on the card.. I hope you will have got your payment confirmation from PayPal by now. Pls make sure you wrap the item very well for safety purposes . Pls i really prefer USPS (EMS GLOBAL DELIVERY SERVICE) first class delivery service.
And here is the name and the shipping address again.
NAME: A****I ADE BO******A
R**G R**D I****N
NIGERIA 23402.”

I just replied to him saying that I could not ship the item, and the transaction was not legitimate… and I never heard from him again. I contacted eBay and they took off the item listing. I am currently in contact with eBay to try and relist the item without having to pay the insertion fee again… we’ll see what happens!

Please do NOT send your item even though you receive an email saying that the buyer has paid you more than the selling price. If an email looks questionable please contact PayPal. They are very helpful and will let you know what to do. *Remember, PayPal will never ask for a tracking number before completing the transaction.

I hope this helps!