Seller Of The Month – February
Date/Time:02/01/11 12:00 AM


How long have you been selling online? Three years and 3 months.

How and or why did you start selling online? I found myself with the job of clearing out Grandma’s house for her move in with me.  After the first month of giving a large amount of items to the local Sr. Center, I decided to find “good homes” for all of her memories, and even some of mine too.  I have since, sold out of Grandma’s things but inherited her friend’s house and 3 generations of possessions.  They are just as personal to me as Grandma’s items were.

– What is the most interesting thing you’ve bought or sold online? I bought a heavy brass ‘house fly’ trinket box once … and wondered why.  About the 2nd or 3rd thing I ever sold was the original mailing letter with the NIB Gillett fat boy razor from the late 50’s.  I started the auction at .99 cents and about a heart attack and $320 later, the adrenalin rush started in me that sellers get to feel now and again. That fueled my fire.

– What hobbies do you have besides selling online? Besides selling online, most recently I have been spending too much time building an ancestry family tree for the ladies items that you buy.  I think it is pretty neat to see the ladies wearing the brooches and other jewelry in the family pictures and then putting the names to the faces, it makes selling their things so much more personal.
– Can you please share a tip on creating your OLA store? I’m not sure about “creating” an OLA store, however I think in order to maintain happy, regular customers, a seller must do right by them.  Be honest and sincere.  I believe you cannot have too much communication with your customers.