Seller Of The Month – January
Date/Time:01/03/11 12:00 AM

I love it here at, it has been a pleasure selling here. Really less stress than anywhere else I have sold before. I have been selling on this site since august of this year. But I have been selling online for over 10 yrs. I once was running 4 sites on my own at the same auction house.

I started selling online to make money and support my family since I was going through hard times and needed to find something to do besides retail which is what I do…I own a retail store, costume jewelry and at the time going through a divorce with no child support, I had to sell online.  I started making some big money on eBay and that helped me a lot keeping my store alive and taking care of my 4 kids.

Now I found this great site and love it here.  eBay did not do the right thing by me and even with as much money as I was paying fees there they didn’t care…and you know what…neither did I because I knew I could make it anywhere. So eBay lost the best seller they had. So, here I am, and as happy as can be with

My love is buying and selling.  I enjoy not only the selling and the buying but meeting the people and knowing the history of the people. When I know that I helped someone in need by buying the item from them, it makes me happier to know I helped them.

Soon I’ll be on a TV reality show preview in Feb. that is on TRUTV as a tag sale seller…a really great fun show that will be on once a week, 1 hr a week nationwide. I am very excited about this and will be finding many more goodies to bring on to sell. On creating a great store on … I feel that just a happy colorful honest place to shop is the answer, doesn’t have to be fancy, just happy and inviting.


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