Here is a antique 900 silver teapot that weighs 633.1 grams of silver with intricate work and it is viet-nam!!! The teapot measures 7 3/4 and 6 in wide including spout.There is outstanding workmanship on the teapot and it is signed!!!There are 6 dishes that are 4 1/2 in and they weigh 312.3 grams!!!The cups measure 3 1/4 in by 2 in high. There are also 6 of them.Stamped with the sideways face and 800 with 0.900 as well!! They have incredible workmanship on them!!! You wont believe this set when you see it!!! This is not plated!!! It is 900 silver!! This sells for thousands if you can find one.I started it at my usual low start price to give everyone a chance to bid. Have fun and good luck!!! No reserve.
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