Seller Of The Month – December 

I have been selling online for a little more then 10 years, I started at the other place, looking for crochet patterns, then as I used them and no longer needed them, I thought why not? I started selling them back to others that might enjoy them as much as I did, I sold them a little cheaper than I bought them for but hey, It’s better then them sitting around gathering dust, why not get some of my money back. That’s how I started my addiction for selling online!

Absolutely love selling online, If I could stay home permanently and sell things from my home It wouldn’t be much of a debate, my answer would be yes!!!

Don’t know if you all would call this interesting, but one of the most treasured items I bought online, (here at OLA) was a hand drawn portrait, it was a picture of my very most important fur friend I ever had, I treasure it like it was made of gold, interesting enough, the day she passed, after it was all over, tears were shed and got myself up I went to my mailbox, and there it was, a big yellow envelope, I opened it up right there at the street, and what I saw was the most beautiful picture ever! My baby girl, she will be with me for ever now, One of our treasured sellers here made my heart feel better, and I will treasure both of them for as long as I live!

The most favorite thing I love to do when I get spare time off of work and when I’m not listing at the moment, I love to crochet, I love it so much! I really don’t do much of anything else, well maybe except play with my dog.

Now I’m not much of a tech, but, when it comes to my store, I try my best to make it look inviting, and I have to admit, I didn’t do all of it myself, I had lots of help from my friends here, (((THANK YOU)))) and here at OLA, you will get all the support and help you will ever need, there are so many people here that will help you at the drop of a hat!

What I would tell anyone that would like to open a store front and don’t know much on how to start, I would (and have done already) tell them to go into the chats, and ASK! You will be overcome  with an enormous response from  willing people who will be there for you from the minute you start to design your store front to last minor touch up for the best store you will ever imagine you could have, Thank You for being here for us!!! Chris and Valerie, and the OLA staff, are the most awesome people you will ever meet, and selling here on OLA will always be my place to sell, I LOVE ONLINEAUCTION.COM!!!!!