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In a previous blog post entitled Online Sellers: Should They Be Bloggers, Too?, I raised the following question. Do you feel it is necessary to own your own domain and host your own blog? It’s a very personal question and I am sure my readers are divided upon the answer! After spending time researching, and soul-searching, here’s how I feel…

No matter where you blog, blogging is an asset to your business.

Kinda vague, isn’t it? But consider this… I just spent a day at a motivational seminar in Chicago. One of my favorite speakers was Rudy Guiliani, who I consider to be a man-of-action – a problem-solver. So I was very interested in what he had to say about motivating yourself to success. He stressed the importance of setting goals, in writing. After you’ve made that list of goals, make another list with ideas on ways to achieve those goals. Then take it one step further and write down the pros and cons of each idea in your plan of action. This will help you sort out the good ideas from the bad and prioritize your steps.

We’ve already determined that blogging is an important step in your online business. So let’s look at the pros and cons of hosting your own blog versus writing a blog on a hosted platform, like Blog at WordPress.com. or Blogger.

The Pros of Hosting Your Own Blog:

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