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An American metal set of furniture from the 1920s popular with today’s collector — and a decidedly visual contrast with Tootsietoy — is marx’s newlyweds  furnished, lithographed, sheet steel rooms. The product is tiny in scale — each metal room is 5 inches long by 3 inches high by 2½ inches deep. The bathtub is 2 inches long and the bed just under 2 inches (representing 6 feet). A child could buy six different individual furnished rooms in cardboards boxes or buy a furnished, colourful cardboard house, made especially for the purpose, but only holding four rooms (parlour, dining room, kitchen, bedroom) — costing 44 cents, furnished and postpaid! In addition, a bathroom and library were made as individual boxed rooms. The furniture was relatively crudely constructed with tabs holding the metal together. The appeal is the ensemble of brilliantly coloured and decorated walls, floors, and furniture.  Collectors should be aware that a German firm, Reil, Blechschmidt & Müller of Brandenburg, also made a similar sized set of 6 lithographed metal rooms with metal furniture at this time.

The illustration below of a Marx dollhouse is from the Sears Roebuck catalogue of 1930.