CHRISTMAS CHARMS: And…here are more charms from my huge collection of loose charms, accent charms, and drop beads, etc. These are 6 new listings of colorful Christmas charms. (Plus, I also have five different style of beautiful Christmas Tree charms listed too.)


BUY-2-GET-1-FREE SALE – See my topic about this in the “What’s for Sale on OLA” chat topic.

PRICE REDUCTIONS – Maple Leaf Charms & Dice Bead Accent Charms: As mentioned last week, I reduced the prices on all my Maple Leaf Loose Charm listings, and also on my Dice Bead Accent Charm listings.

JEWELRY MAKING ITEMS: Also newly listed, Jewelry Making Items including silverplated jumprings (round and triangular), bails, necklace chains, self-closing lobster claw clasps (wonderful clasps!), and filigree tube beads.

These can be used to make charm jewelry, wine glass charms, bookmarks, dreamcatchers, and the translucent beads and accent charms can also be used in suncatchers.

Also, take a look at my charm jewelry designs. You may want to buy one or more of those. Or…if you are only shopping for charms and beads, there is a good chance that I have extra of the ones used in most of my designs on hand…and I can list those. Just send me an Omail and ask.

And, I have so many other loose charms, accent charms, drop beads, and other jewelry making items!!! Seriously!!! If you are looking a theme of charms, etc., that you don’t see listed in my store, send me an Omail. I just might have it!

If you have any questions, please send me an Omail!

Happy shopping!!!


P.S. California buyers, please see my OLA Store’s “Seller Policy” page before purchasing from my store.

A Sampling of the new Christmas Charms listings in my OLA Store, MythRoan’s Dream Compass: