OnlineAuction has a better user base than most and a useful set of features. If you’re looking for an alternative auction site to eBay, OnlineAuction is certainly an option.


There are absolutely no fees for basic membership, which allows users to bid and buy simply by registering. Becoming a verified buyer costs $4 a month, and entitles you to utilize a private O-Mail account, feedback and added security. To sell on OnlineAuction, you must pay an $8 per month fee, but then you can list items for free and not accrue any final value fees.

Several auction sites, including eBay and eBid, require final value fees to be paid after an auction. This is not the case with OnlineAuction, but keep in mind that you do have to pay the $8 fee if you wish to sell any items. If you pay the fees upfront for a year ($96), you can also take advantage of some free auction enhancements.

OnlineAuction’s attention grabbers are somewhat limited in comparison to other online auction services, but include category featuring for $10. Listing your item in two categories is completely free, allowing potential buyers to more likely to see your item.


Selling on OnlineAuction is simple and can be tailored to different selling options. If you have several items to sell, you might consider opening an online store, which is completely free at OnlineAuction. You can even cross promote your items within various listings, drawing attention to other items you have to sell that potential buyers might be interested in.

Sellers at can block bidders that they don’t trust, and they have the option to end an auction early should the need arise. Sellers can remove their listings for free as long as nobody has placed bids on them.


Searching and finding what you’re looking for is simple on Advanced searching is available and allows the user to search for auctions by categories, item number, the member auctioning the item, or even search for what items specific people are presently bidding on. You can even search the auctions by setting a price range.

Sorting the listings is also easy to customize. You can sort the search results by price (high or low first), number of bids, or time remaining.

Searches are listed in a gallery with 11 listings on a page. The pictures for each listing are decently sized, but you can also choose between three different sizes (located at the bottom of the page). Making at-hand image viewing even easier, scrolling over the picture provides an enlarged view of the thumbnail image.

If you’re interested in seeing who bid on an item and when, you can access the history of any item. With this, you will be able to see how many people have bid on the item, when they bid, and for how much. You can also quickly see how many people have viewed the auction listing.


OnlineAuction utilizes a user feedback system, allowing sellers and buyers to provide feedback on their auction and transaction experiences. OnlineAuction presents a user’s rating so other members can see how many successful auctions they have been a part of and decide whether they want to trust them or not. Another nice feature that OnlineAuction provides is the ability for buyers and sellers to respond to feedback left about them.

Adult auctions are not allowed at OnlineAuction.

OnlineAuction started business in 1999 and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.


OnlineAuction has several options for users to get help with any issue they might have with buying or selling. The help and support center addresses a variety of topics. Members can also get help from other members through member chat rooms.


OnlineAuction is a great online auction service, combining an easy interface with a healthy user base and strong tools for buyers as well as sellers. Auctions on OnlineAuction are simple, straightforward, and easy. If you’re a seller who needs an ebay  alternative with no selling fees (other than membership), OnlineAuction is a great option. For another eBay alternative, take a look at our #2 reviewed online auction site,  ebid.